My book is here: “Outpedaling ‘The Big C’: My Healing Cycle Across America”

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“Joyful, introspective, terrifying, and sobering …” — Foreword Reviews

Elizabeth McGowan, author of Outpedaling "The Big C": My Healing Cycle Across America
Author Elizabeth McGowan, behind her favorite set of wheels.

Greetings Dear Readers,
I invite you to laugh, cry and sweat (or at least perspire!) alongside me as I immerse you in a 4,250-mile journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Bancroft Press in Baltimore released “Outpedaling the Big C: My Healing Cycle Across America” in September 2020. I embarked on my solo adventure to raise research funds for the hospital that saved my life after more than a decade of cancer treatments. Exploring distinct landscapes and connecting with so many resilient inhabitants also allowed me to better understand my father, who had died of the same type of cancer–melanoma–when I was 15 and he was 44. This is a story about grit, fear, recovery and discovery. Take the ride with me. Order the book now via links below or via your favorite hometown bookstore.

PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 pandemic is causing book distribution delays across the country for many authors. Please exercise patience and kindness.

Cheers. And keep pedaling,

Praise for Outpedaling

“McGowan takes readers through an intimate journey—across the country and through her own past—as she shares insights and lessons learned that will resonate with cancer survivors, medical professionals, and anyone who’s ever wanted to just ‘say yes’ to an adventure. Melanoma—or any cancer—changes you and the way you see the world. Outpedaling ‘the Big C’ thoroughly and entertainingly proves that all change isn’t bad.”

MIchael Kaplan, President and CEO, Melanoma Research Alliance

Release date: Sept. 6, 2020

Outpedaling the Big C: My Healing Cycle Across America cover art
Outpedaling “The Big C” book cover

“A powerful, rollicking adventure that takes us across America and deep into one person’s life-and-death experience.”

Carl Zimmer, one of America’s foremost science writers

“What a journey—a transcontinental chronicle from a writer who is truly, fully alive!”

Bill McKibben, considered the most effective environmental activist and writer of our time

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